A Cheerful Asker Looking for Cheerful Givers

maxresdefault-4I have often heard Joni Eareckson Tada say, “Yes, God loves cheerful givers, but I think He also loves cheerful askers.” I think Joni is right. So, let me join her in cheerfully asking you to support Joy Christian Fellowship (the church planting work with which I am involved here in Surrey, BC, Canada).

To make your tax-deductible gift, please click on this TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/zk7mn67. You can make a one-time or a recurring donation through Joy to the World Ministries. When you get to that page, you will that see somewhere about half way down (just before the place where you are supposed to enter your address), it will say “Giving Type” and there is a box next to it with about 7 menu options. The default one is “Where Needed Most.” If you click there, you will find “Joy Christian Fellowship.” It’s number 4 on the drop down list. Then the rest is quite self-explanatory.

The LORD has been opening doors in such a wonderful way and I praise His Holy Name. I look forward to seeing this work take off. You won’t find anyone happier to ask for your prayers and financial support on behalf of Joy Christian Fellowship than me.” Thank you for standing with me.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In Christ,

Fletcher Matandika


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